Monday, August 31, 2009

Plumbing is done!

Whew that was a dirty job...LOL For all the faucets I used earring backings, and for the shower head its part of an earring also. I took Tanya's idea and used the little wire thingies off those suctions cups for the spigots. Works nicely I think , Thanks Tanya. I took the large paper clips and sequins to make the railing and towel racks. The window and door frame were easy, just measured and cut. I plan on making a door with stained glass and I'm not sure about the window treatment yet. So now comes the fun part, to decorate. I want to add shelves, but not sure where. I have a whole week to think about that while I'm working at my real life job. I hope my boss doesn't find that out? LOL.

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