Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm back... It's been a hectic week. (in RL that is). First off, I had to work on one off my days off. Then I had to take my DNL to the dentist to get her four molars pulled and then on Friday my brother had surgery to remove two of his thyroids. Then Sunday my granddaughter came down with strept throat. My poor son. But like I tell him God brought us to all of this he will see us through it.

I still managed to work in my crafts. I made a christmas ornament (6 of the one kind) and worked on my minis, as you can see above. I made the toilet tank and the shower stall and the sink/vanity. I am still uncertain how to do the inside of the shower stall. Any ideas.? I would like to tile it to make it look like stone. But not sure. As far as the sink, I made it with clay which is still drying. I plan on painting it the burgundy color. I am going to add all the plumbing and hardware on my next week off. Also work on the window. Then put everything in its place and anchor it down. I still have things I want to do before I even think about decorating. So stay tuned, Till next time....... Be safe.


  1. Goodness! Hope everyone is on the mend around your place! Everything you are working on looks great! You are so crafy!