Monday, August 3, 2009

Here we have a throne fit for a king and a sunken bathtub fit for a queen. Can you guess what the throne is made from? The tub is made with one half of a two piece clear plastic heart form the craft store. I built the framing around it. I made the floor tile from one inch chipboard squares that I found in the scrapbook department. And the tiny hearts are the trimmings you use for your fingernails. I had to make 120 tiles (what was I thinking). I am having so much fun. There is so much more to do, I have to grout the floor, make a shower stall ,a sink, and a water tank for my throne. and that's not even getting into the details of faucets and all that stuff. Then comes decorating(the real fun thing to do). Keep coming back for updates. I have to go back to work tomorrow so I won't be working on any crafts. I work 7days on and 7 days off. The 7 days off is when I really get into my crafts. Working ten hour days doesn't leave much time for fun.


  1. How clever! Love it. Yep, got to dry my hair and put on makeup and head off to work soon myself--and it will be a long day as I teach a quilting class tonight.


  2. I just love it! What an interesting project to work on. Can't wait to see each step.